- Flew on lead MH-53 during Operation Eager Anvil, first incursion into Iraq during Desert Storm.

- Actions prevented loss or capture of the crew and helicopter during surface to air fire.

- "They told my family I was dead (initially)." Gearen said. "Then they told them I would never walk again. At that point I said, 'OK, I'm going to do this.'" 

- "And he did. Two years after the accident. Gearen ran a seven-minute mile."

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- "Gearen fell 3,000 feet and hit the ground at an estimated 100 mph." 

- "An X-ray of his head looked like an exploded view of the human skull."

- "Scott Gearen hit the ground like a speeding bullet" 

- "They soon realized, to their disbelief and amazement, that Scott was still alive."